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Digital Signage 0

Digital Signage

My current employer recently gave me the task of helping to set up a digital sign network across our warehouses. I’ve had some prior signage experience from Maryville University using FourWinds Interactive. While there, I wanted...


Add Custom Scripts to Your PowerShell Profile

I’ve recently started doing some work with Windows PowerShell. One problem I wanted to solve was placing my scripts in source control and having them in a non-standard folder. Below is a bit of...

Moving On 0

Moving On

Well, my time at Maryville University is coming to an end. Friday will be my last day and I’ll be starting back with my previous employer EPC, Inc. on Monday! I’ll be a Senior Application...


March WordPress St. Louis Developers Meetup

This month, I presented on the WordPress database and discussed the tables, how to use the wpdb class and how to create your own custom tables. You can view the presentation here: Other Things...

Adding a Rank Column to an ASP.NET GridView 0

Adding a Rank Column to an ASP.NET GridView

I recently had the task of working on a leaderboard for a project at work. I used ASP.NET for the project and found I was having problems getting the rank to work correctly when...


New Plugin: Speak Pirate

Argh mateys! Shiver me timbers! Sometimes it feels good to step out of your normal coding routine and do something a little different. Yesterday, @arod2634 posted this tweet: Top 10 Weird APIs via...