Core Values

So I’ve been doing some reflecting recently. A blog that I frequently visit, The Art of Manliness, has started a 30 day challenge to becoming a better man. For the first day’s post, they talked about building a list of core values to keep yourself from drifting through life. So, I’ve decided to share my 5 core values with the world (in alphabetical order):


This is definitely one of the values that I need to work on. I feel confident in my current work abilities, but there is always room for improvement and the web is always changing. I think I could have more confidence in my role as a father…sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right things. I would like to have more confidence toward my understanding of church and religion. Also, I would like to have more confidence in my decision making. If I decide on something, stick with it; I obviously chose it for a reason.


Family comes first, what else can I really say on this. I’m sure almost everyone feels the same way I do on this subject.


If you are getting an answer from me or seeking my opinion, it will be the honest truth. This is one thing that really bothers me. If you are responsible for something and it is your fault that it fails, own up to it. Rest assured, I always will, no matter the consequences.


Life can’t always be serious, you’ve got to inject some fun and humor into it.


I think this one kind of dove-tails into honesty. I am, and always will be a person you can trust.

So, did you think about it? What are your core values?

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

This is an excellent video that everyone should watch on achieving your childhood dreams. It is very inspirational and makes you think about how you are using your life. Grab some popcorn, because it’s about an hour and 15 minutes long.