Edit Post Author Name in WordPress Feeds

Just today someone approached me at work about the author’s name displaying in Google search results instead of our company name. You can change what shows for each individual author in the your profile for WordPress, but if you want to keep it all the same regardless of who posted the article (useful for a business), you can use the following code as an example:

What’s Going On in this Code?

The first thing we are doing is using an action in the feed file to set a global variable that says we are currently in the feed.

Note: WordPress offers different types of feeds, so you may want to perform this for each of them. If you look in your wp-includes/ folder, you should see some files that begin with “feeds-“. Each of these has their own hook you can use to create the global variable (as done above in the my_rss2_ns function). I’ve listed the file and the hooks below:

File Hook
wp-includes/feeds-rdp.php rdf_ns
wp-includes/feeds-rss.php rss_ns
wp-includes/feeds-rss2.php rss2_ns

The last thing we are doing is simply checking if our global variable is true, and if so, updating the author text with something we’ve specified.

Google Docs for Android

I’ve recently purchased an Asus Eee Pad Transformer as a means to replace my laptop. One of the biggest features I use on my laptop is Google Docs. I love it for meetings around the office, keeping track of different things at home, etc. But editing documents on a tablet is terrible! It says there is “edit” mode, which allows you to type. That’s great if I’m writing a novel…not going to happen. Most of the time, I’m making a list of some sort; which isn’t available in “edit” mode. In fact, no rich-text editing options exist in “edit” mode.

I would love for this to become available, as I’m a huge fan of Google Docs.

EDIT: I have found a work-around. If you install FireFox on your tablet, you should be able to edit the documents.