Custom Taxonomy Control for the Theme Customizer

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9 Responses

  1. Mohammad says:

    Thanks a lot for this. Helped a TON with getting it working after hours of chopping things together myself.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank… you… so… MUCH!

    I was trying to create a dropdown of pages based on the posts dropdown at… and your guide worked. I must have been missing something with other one.

    Thanks so much again, you really made my project possible.

  3. Chris says:

    Heh, 3 hours later I realize there is a dropdown-pages option. In my defense I had seen this on another site and tried it but it didn't work so I figured it was depreciated. Operator error because it works now. Oh well, I had fun.

  4. Dave Grffin says:

    Hi, brilliant bit code, thanks ever so much, saved me a load of headwork.

  5. Dave Grffin says:

    Hi Im now trying to get this to work making another section but using wp_dropdown_pages.

    It displays ok, but its not saving any changes. Any ideas ?

    • Eric Juden says:

      Hey Dave,

      You will probably have better luck recreating the wp_dropdown_pages function on your own. I'm not sure if you noticed in my wp_dropdown_cats() function above, but it has another attribute on the <code>select</code> for the link: <code>$this->get_link()</code>. You need that for it to actually save. I ran into the same thing when I first set this class up. And there is currently no way to add that in the wp_dropdown_pages() function.

  6. Chirag says:

    Eric – when I use this and hit Save & Publish on the Customize sidebar, it reverts back to the default_category (i.e., 1). Is there something missing to ensure the category selected (i.e, let's say 7=Events) is the category that stays selected after clicking Save&Publish button?? Other than that, this works brilliantly. Thx.

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