Keyboard Shortcuts on the Mac

A coworker and I recently decided to try switching to the Mac from Windows  7. We have been using Mac hardware and have just used Bootcamp to run Windows 7. I feel I’ve been adjusting fine so far except for the keyboard shortcuts!

As a developer, I spend a lot of time working with text editors/development studios. I’m unsure why Apple feels it has to be different when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. The Command key, I understand, but I’m having the hardest time going from the beginning of a line to the end of the line. On Windows (and Linux) to go to the end of the current line, you simply hit the End key. Pressing the End key on a mac will bring you to the end of the document. Same for the Home key; it brings you to the beginning of the document on Mac, instead of to the beginning of the current line on Windows (and Linux).

If something is going to convince me to switch back to my nice, comfy pc, it’ll be the keyboard shortcuts!

Edit: Oh, lifehacker, you never fail me! Let that be a lessons girls and boys…always google before griping!