It’s a Girl!

Well, it’s finally official…our baby is going to be a GIRL! I’ve taken the time to scan the photos and put them up on flickr. So for all those anxiously waiting, here ya go:

The full collection can be viewed here.

Side Shot of Maura

Side Shot of Maura

Ready for Vacation

August 3rd can’t get here soon enough! We will be taking a family trip to Denver to visit Dad’s brother, Randy, for his 50th birthday bash! We are going to go white water rafting, visit Rocky Mountain National
Park, go kayaking, and party down! Well, Anne and Sarah probably will not go white water rafting…

Denver, here we come!

New Juden on the Way

That’s right…I’m gonna be a Dad! Anne’s due date is December 6th, 2008. We still have to go for the first ultrasound, so that date will probably change. I guess we’ll have to change the picture on the website after the new Juden comes around!

As for Anne, she is doing well. No morning sickness, or any of that “fun” stuff. On the lighter side, today is Anne’s 26th birthday! YAY for her!

Windows Mobile Event Viewer – First Release

Alright troops…who’s gonna be first to test out the latest and greatest Event Viewer for Windows Mobile?

I’m not going to say its perfect, because the only person to test it has been me! If you don’t like it, then just don’t tell your friends about it. If you do like it, by all means get your developer friends to use it in their Windows Mobile applications.

You can download the files here.

Windows Mobile Event Viewer

Well, I started in on a new project last night. This project will essentially be an event viewer for windows mobile devices. One of my concerns is that it won’t log events from the device…I’m not exactly sure how to hook in to device events yet. I can’t guarantee that this application will be running all the time to record device events, so I am thinking mainly of using it for application developers that want to use it to record events from their programs. They will be able to call a
method and pass all the information to create a new event in the event log.

I’ll post something worthwhile when it gets a little farther.