July 7, 2012

Well folks, it’s official! My wife and I are expecting our second little bundle of joy on July 7, 2012. I’ll try to get a scan of the ultrasound on here eventually. I keep hoping for a boy, but I’ll take whatever I get!


My Baby is Growing Up

Maura is officially 1 year old, as of December 2. It doesn’t seem possible; seems like just a few months ago when we were bringing her home from the hospital. Now she’s walking around, taking 7 or 8 steps. Man does time fly. Anyway, here’s a photo from her first birthday.

Little Princess
Little Princess

Happy Anniversary!

Three years! Anne and I have been married for 3 year now. Our anniversary was a little different this year with Maura in our lives; so we decided to go to Grant’s Farm. I’ve got a slideshow of some pictures from our trip: