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New Plugin: Speak Pirate

Argh mateys! Shiver me timbers! Sometimes it feels good to step out of your normal coding routine and do something a little different. Yesterday, @arod2634 posted this tweet: Top 10 Weird APIs via...

Getting Nostalgic 0

Getting Nostalgic

It would be great to go back to Philmont one of these days. It’s amazing how while you are there experiencing the great adventure, you just want the hike part to be over. I’m...

Google Docs for Android 0

Google Docs for Android

I’ve recently purchased an Asus Eee Pad Transformer as a means to replace my laptop. One of the biggest features I use on my laptop is Google Docs. I love it for meetings around...

iPhone 3G Dropping Calls 0

iPhone 3G Dropping Calls

Dear AT&T, Enough is enough. You know there is a problem with the iPhone 3G dropping calls. Please fix it. I finally went through and did as the forums suggested, and disabled 3G. I...